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What Doctors Are Saying About LimuPlus

Sharing What Physicians Are Saying

Dr. Kyosuke Owa on Fucoidan

In research studies, the main health enhancing ingredient in limu Fucoidan, has been shown to have many healthful benefits. According to prominent Japanese researcher
Dr. Kyosuke Owa, Fucoidan is said to "Contain the same healing antibodies as mother's milk, providing essential amino acids and a balanced diet of minerals necessary to boost the immune system." "Encourage the regeneration of new cells, increasing cellular immunity and giving the body additional 'firepower' against diseases."

"Not only aids in the development of new cells, but it encourages the regeneration of what are called Natural Killer Cells. These cells are found on the front lines defending our bodies from disease."

For centuries, the people of Tonga have benefited from the amazing health properties of Limu Moui. Now, thanks to Dr. Owa's extensive research on Fucoidan, it becomes clear why it is our mission to share limu with the world.
Prominent Doctors Endorse Limu Moui

More and more doctors recognize lack of nutrition as the cause of poor health and ailments. If we had the right stuff to begin with, our bodies would most likely be able to fight off foreign invaders. Building our immune system is one of the most important things we can do. Growing numbers of medical doctors that are becoming well versed in the vital area of nutrition as it relates to health, maintain that poor health is related to nutrient deficiency. Nutrient deficiency is brought on by such factors as poor diets, depleted nutrients in food, dieting, medications, oxidation and stress.


Dr. Derrick DeSilva, Jr., M.D.

*President of The American Nutraceutical Association

*Member of the American Medical Association
*Member of The American Diabetes Association
*Member of The American Heart Association
*Member of The Society of Internal Medicine
*Internationally known Practicing Internist
*Former teaching staff of JFK Medical Center, Edison, NJ

*Listed on The National Who's Who (1996)

*Named One of the Best Doctors in the NY MetroArea, by New York Magazine(June 2001)
*Advisory Board member for Physician Desk Reference (PDR)

*Has had national television exposure by hosting medical segments on CNN and appearing as a guest on numerous television programs, including ABC's Night Line

"My firm belief is that Limu Moui is the "perfect food," largely because it absorbs a rich bounty of some 77 nutrients from the pristine ocean waters.
Dr. DeSilva's Key Points...WHO SHOULD USE LIMU MOUI:

*Everyone of us!
*Anyone on medication
*Anyone who eats poorly
*Anyone under stress
*Anyone who wants to feel better
*Anyone who is BREATHING!

Dr. Derrick M. DeSilva, Jr., M.D.

A PRACTICING internist that is Listed in Who's Who Nationally. Voted as one of New York metro's finest by NewYork Magazine. Featured NUMEROUS times on CNN and NightLine and other prominent programs like Good Morning America.
He has a nationally syndicated radio program called ASK THE DOCTOR. Dr. DeSilva said of Limu Moui, "Everyone who breathes should be taking it!"

Nationally recognized as an expert in the vital area of nutrition as it relates to health, Dr. DeSilva maintains that disease is caused by nutrient deficiency brought on by such factors as poor diets, depleted nutrients in food, dieting, medications, oxidation and stress. Because Limu Moui, the key ingredient in limu, absorbs a rich bounty of 77+ nutrients from pristine ocean waters, Dr. DeSilva truly believes that it's the "PERFECT FOOD.

Dr. DeSilva believes limu works because:
*Its main ingredient Limu Moui is the "perfect food" because it absorbs a rich bounty of some 77 + nutrients from pristine ocean waters.
*Limu Moui replaces nutrients lost from all the different causes of deficiency.
* Oxidation, which is like rusting, is a cause of disease. Think about the last time you cut an apple. It starts to turn brown from oxidation………but if you pour limu on it, it will NOT turn brown!

INTESTINES: 60% of our immune system resides in
our intestine and 80% to 90% of those who suffer from intestinal problems also have allergies. So, if you "fix" your digestive system, you help "fix" your immune system. Limu Moui is very beneficial to the digestive system.

CHOLESTEROL: Cholesterol is made in the liver, so if you can keep the liver clean it will help with cholesterol. Limu Moui helps the liver.

GROWTHS: Limu Moui may make certain cells pop (self-destruct) and stop cell division. Harvard School of Public health says: "Fucoidan in Limu Moui reduces plasmal cholesterol and the building of dangerous steroids to breast tissue." Also, chlorine in water has been attributed to breast cancer. Limu Moui contains substances like Magnesium and Calcium, which help dispel effects of chlorine.

BLOOD SUGAR: Fucoidan coats the GI system to control problems
JOINTS: Limu Moui lubricates joints to make them more flexible and thereby helping with joint comfort.

MOOD DISORDERS: Mood disorders are affected by essential fatty acid deficiency, which is replenished by Limu Moui. Dr. DeSilva recommends for ADD/ADHD kids to take them off carbohydrates, sugar, processed foods and Ritelin and put them on limu.

BLOOD PRESSURE: Limu Moui addresses all three areas that affect blood pressure, for which people normally have to take different substances.

HEADACHES: No one should suffer from headaches and limu has the properties to address them, along with an increased intake of water.

Read the COMPLETE INTERVIEW with Dr. DeSilva on "WHY LIMU" here.



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